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Directed by Jared Hoy. Produced by Andrew Seely. Shot on RED Scarlett.

Walking In Circles Season 2

Directed by Adam Rady. Shot on Canon 5D III w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

Video Game Reunion

Directed by Mathew Lewis. Shot on 5 Camera: RED One, Panasonic AG-HPX500,Canon 5D, Canon 7D, 8mm Film.

Teen Titans Go! Television Series

Shot for Cartoon Network. Shot on Canon 5D III w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

Acting Dead

Directed by David Morgan. Shot on Panasonic AG-HPX2700.


Directed by David Coleman. Shot Multicam, Panasonic AG-HPX2700.

Office Jesus

Directed by Adam Rady. Shot on Canon 6D w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

The Summoners

WINNER: Outstanding Cinematography (2013 Zedd Fest), Directed by Christian Ackerman. Shot on RED Scarlet.

Google Wallet - Date Night

Directed by Avi Glijansky. Shot on Canon 5D III w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

Classic Alice

Directed by Josh Compton. Shot on Canon 6D w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

Louisiana International Film Festival

Directed by Brendan Bradley. Shot on Canon 5D III w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

The Guild - Christmas Special

Directed by Sean Becker. Shot on Panasonic DVX100B.


Directed by Brendan Bradley. Shot on Canon 6D w/ Magic Lantern RAW.

About Me

     For more than 15 years, Los Angeles Film School graduate Jared Hoy has been able to build an award-winning Hollywood career by relying on his lifelong passion for storytelling and an extensive background in directing and cinematography. His advanced knowledge of motion picture cameras and their lenses, lighting tools and techniques and proficiency in a variety of production and post-production software has insured that Hoy has not only the creative talent, but the production skills necessary to develop and oversee any project—be it feature film, television, web series and more—from beginning to end.
     In addition to his work behind-the-scenes, Hoy has also captivated international audiences with personal appearances around the world, including multiple panels at VidCon and others on transmedia and brand integration by invitation in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015.

Resume & Credits

Email:       Cell: (818)795-3838
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  • Over 15 years freelance experience with media and film production, pre-production and post production
  • Member in good standing IATSE 728 Lighting Technician’s Union as Gaffer & Lighting Designer
  • Advanced knowledge of cinema cameras & optics
    • 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, HD, Digital RAW, 4K, 6K, Drone, HDSLR
  • Advanced user of major editing and post production softwares
    • Avid, FCP, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve, Fusion, Red Cine X


  • Graduate of Los Angeles Film School
    • Associate of Arts; Cinematography & Producing programs
  • Actively pursuing multiple degrees in available free time
    • Associate of Science; Earth Science
    • Bachelor of Science; Astrophysics; Focus in Exoplanetary Development

Credits List as of Oct 2016

Jurrasic World Experience / Amblin Entertainment, NBC Universal / RED

Amy's Adventures / Turkish Airlines / Blackmagic 4K

7th Sea / Dir. Neal Fischer / Red, Blackmagic 4K

Timber, the Series / WallGentile Productions / RED

Non-Transferable, 2nd Unit / Jigsaw Ensamble / GH4, Blackmagic 4K

What's In The Box / ElectricHobo / Blackmagic 4k

Surprise / Travis Richey / Sony FS700

L337 Love / Dir. Shilpi Roy / Blackmagic 4K

It's A Choice / Travis Richey / Sony FS700

Wierd Youtube Family / Travis Richey / Sony FS700

Shake450 / The Digital Stage / Canon 6D

Waiting for Walking / Never Read it Productions / Panasonic AJ-HPX2000

N3rds / MSN / 4 Camera - Panasonic AJ-HPX2000

Dear Cersei / ElectricHobo / Canon 5d Mark II w/ Magic Lantern

Classic Alice / AntiKaiser Productions / Canon 6d w/ Magic Lantern RAW

Leonard / Wayside Productions / Canon 6d w/ Magic Lantern RAW

Acting Dead / Dir. David Morgan / 3 Camera - Panasonic AG-HPX370

Teen Titans Go! / Warner Bros /RED Scarlet / HD - Episodic Series

Celebrity Fitness Investigators / Victory Films / 2 Camera - Canon 5d Mark II & 7d

5 Fatales / Dir. David Coleman /4 Camera - Panasonic AJ-HPX2000

The Summoners / Dir. Christian Ackerman / RED Epic

Girls Play Games / Black Box TV / RED Scarlet

eNERDgency / The Nerd Machine / 3 Camera - RED Scarlet

Shelf Life / Prod. Tara Platt / Canon 6d

Office Jesus / Epic Films / Canon 5d

SHIELDED / Prod. Adam Levermore / RED Scarlet

Getting Fragged / ihavmnyskills / Canon 7d

Once Upon / Mystery Guitar Man /Canon 7d & Canon 7d

Walking In Circles, Season 2 / Never Read it Productions /Canon 7d

Huff, add'l cinematography / CHP Films /RED Epic

Google Wallet - Date Night / Citibank / Canon T2i w/ Magic Lantern

Curio / Brain Blast Games / Canon 5d

RETCON / RC Entertainment / Canon 7d

Hollywood Wasteland, add'l cinematography / HW Films / Canon 7d

Happy Hunting / Evil Dreamer Films / RED One

Video Game Reunion / Comedy Central / 5 Cam - RED One, AG-HPX500, 5d, 8mm

Breaking Blizzard / Dir. Brendan Bradley / Canon 5d

Ladies Night / Dir. Napoleon Ryan / RED One

The Guild - Xmas Special / Dir. Felicia Day /Panasonic HVX200a

The Guild - 2nd Unit / Dir. Sean Becker / Panasonic HVX200a

Gordon Complex / Dir. Nick Rose / Canon 5d

Cory & Sid, Season 1 / Hardly Working Entertainment / Panasonic HVX200a

Page Turner / Dir. Oliver Pierce / Panasonic DVX200a

Legend : Xavi Q / Ingantio Records / Panasonic DVX200a

VLA Aerobic Dance / Church Hill Entertainment / DVX100b

Little Howie / To Many Nicknames Films / Canon XL-1

The Ring / HCQ Productions / Canon XL-1

A Fight For Your Life / Genesis Films /Arri SR2

Equipment Package

My equipment list is always growing and upgrading. If I don't have it, I can get hold of it, via subrentals. I maintain very well relations with equipment rental houses around town. List current as of May 2016


RED Raven 
 RED Raven Body
 DMSC AC Power Adapter
 DMSC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
 DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD
 RED Mini-Mag 120 GB
 RED Station Mini-Mag
 Custom Travel Case
Blackmagic 4K 
 Body (EF Lens Mount)
 Small Rig BMPC4K Camera Cage
 Small Rig QR Top Handle
 Cool Railblock
 Small Rig Handles
 Lanparte V-Mount Battery Pinch
 Lanparte SDI-HDMI Railmount
 D-Tap to Black Magic
 SSD Media
 SSD Case
 Hard Travel Case
Canon T2i/550D DSLR 
 Battery Grip
 LP-E8 Battery
 LP-E8 battery Charter
 AC Adapter
 Sandisk AIO Reader
Phantom 4K Drone
 P3 Batteries
 3 Bay Battery Charger
 Remote Control
 Drone Backpack
 Carbon Fiber Props
HD Action Cam 
GoPro Hero 


Camera Support

1Canon 24-105mm LS II
1Rokinon Cine 14mm
1Rokinon Cine 24mm
1Rokinon Cine 35mm
1Rokinon Cine 50mm
1Rokinon Cine 85mm
2Tiffen DV Film Look Kit 3
1XCSource ND Set
1LilliptbBM280 4K 28" Monitor
1Lilliput 7" HD Monitor
1Feelworld LCD EVF
1DP3000 Swing Out Matte Box
1Kamrar Follow Focus
1TMP 500 Teleprompter
1Set 15mm rods, 150mm
2Set 15mm rods, 200mm
2Set 15mm rods, 250mm
1Set 15mm rods, 300mm
1Set 15mm rods, 450mm
215mm Swiss Rod
2Magic Arm
315mm 90 degree
1P&C Shoulder Rig
1Color Chart
1manfrotto mvh502a tripod head
1manfrotto mvt502am tripod
1manfrotto travel tripod
1manrotto 701hdv tripod head
1D-Tap to 4port D-Tap Adapter
4BiX V-Mount Battery
1Dual V-Mount Battery Charger
132" JRFoto Slider
132" Duzi 4 Slider


Lighting & Grip

3Pergear LED-500 488 Panel
1ASHANKS LED100w Fresnel
1Ianiro LED Fresnel - MM801HCD
3Lightdow 128 LED Panel
2Tungsten 650w Fresnel
32K B&M Fresnel
21K B&M Fresnel
11K Mole Zip Softlight
12K Mole Zip Softlight
1650w Open Face
41k Parcan
3CFL Softbox
16x6 Butterfly Frame
16x6 Ultrabounce
16x6 Silver Lame
16x6 Poly Silk
22x3 Solid Flag
12x3 Single Net
12x3 Double Net
2Full Apple Box
32 Riser Combo Stand
12Aluminum Light Stand



1Shure SCM268 4 Channel Mixer
1Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Microphone
1Movo WMIC70 Wireless Lav System
1Zoom H4N Recorder
1Audio Technica ATR3350 Omni Lav


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Jared Hoy
8903 Willis Ave Suite 9
Los Angeles, CA 91402
P: (818) 795-3838